A Few Words Before You Come Play

Image of paw_lbr.gif Hi! I'm Billy Image of paw_lb.gif
Image of paw_pi.gif Hi! I'm BG Image of paw_pir.gif

Hi, we are the Bayou Dogs!  That's me, Billy, on the left and that's my sister, BG, on the right.  
Welcome to our yard.  

We are Manchester Terriers (or Terrors as Mom likes to call us - we've never figured out why).  To find out more about our breed, visit our First Mom at her home.   First Mom is what we call the 'two-legger' who took care of us when we were born and found our
great Mom for us.
We would like to share some adventures with you and acquaint you with other places where you can find out how to help others less fortunate than us.  We are very lucky to have a fine loving home. Our Mom is a very nice 'two-legger' who shares our love. We enjoy looking out after her and making sure she does not get into too much trouble. Come on in and get to know us. We have pictures (those may only be of interest to our Mom, but what the heck), links to lots of other interesting places that are serious and fun, lots of doggie stuff in genreal.
You'll recognize us through out by our paw prints.  Enjoy.

Billy's Print
BG's Print

Billy & BG want to get going

Navigation tips: You can move backward and forward through our major attractions by following        
BG will take you back
BG if you want to return to the previous topic or
Billy will take you forward (most of the time)
Billy if you want to go to the next topic.

Once you get into a topic Billy & BG will behave in this manner within a section of that topic.  However when you reach the end of a section in a topic, Billy will take you to back to the start of that topic so you can see other sections.
Most pictures and images have a mouse over which will show you captions when you put your cursor over them. Try it on all the pictures on this page.

We have music on most pages, so wait to hear it or hurry past so you don't get disturbed.  We have sound controls now so you can pause or stop the sound.  You can also see the name of the song by placing your cursor over the guitar symbol.

Jeremiah was a BullDOG - uh Frog!  AKA Joy to the World

Billy & BG's thoughts EXACTLY
Tell us about problems or comments
Help prevent homeless animals
Please let us know if you find problems or have comments.

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